Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work with my CRM?

If your CRM lets you import excel spreadsheets in CSV format, then our data will absolutely work with your CRM. All you need to do is follow your CRM import instructions and guidelines.

What is included with membership?

All memberships deliver leads directly to your inbox. In addition you can log in anytime and download additional leads in any of the counties we offer. Consult our pricing and packages here for more information and a breakdown of how many counties you can subscribe to and how many leads you can download.

How can I upgrade?

At any time during your trial or regular membership, you can select the level of upgrade you wish inside your account. You will be charged the difference immediately and your account will be upgraded. Your next billing cycle will charge the new amount for the new membership level.

Do you provide contact information of the executors and administrators?

Yes, email and phone numbers whenever possible will be added to your leads. We also scrub phone numbers against national Do-Not-Call (DNC) database.

Do the leads come with phone numbers?

Yes! Phone numbers are available where possible. We also scrub phone numbers against national Do-Not-Call (DNC) database.

How do you verify properties and availability?

We partnered with Core Logic, the leading provider of housing data nationwide. We pull title name and property information. If the name on title matches the name of the deceased then you know the home very likely, almost guaranteed, will need to be sold. Our second level of verification is on the property level. We continuously check to see if the property has been sold since the probate filing date.

What is historical prospecting?

Only ProbateData lets you look up older cases, filed 6,12,18 or even 24 months ago, and then instantly see the market status of the property: has it been sold since probate filing date and do title and decedent names match?

How fresh is your data?

It varies from county to county, but the general rule of thumb is 30-days old.

How do I know this isn't a real estate scam?

ProbateData has been around for over 12 years and helped over 7897 agents. Real estate scams don't tend to have thousands of verifiable customers.

How often do I get leads?

It varies from county to county, but the general rule of thumb is 1-3 times per month.

Can I search all your available counties?

Yes! You can log in anytime, search and review any of the cases in our database. Check out our available counties here:

What counties are available?

Check out our available counties here:

Do you require a long term contract?

No, pay as you go.

When can I cancel?

Within 3 business days from your next bill date.

Do you offer coaching?

Yes, group coaching is available every month and we also have on demand coaching videos.

Do you offer any courses?

We have partnered with MTI Education to educate real estate agents on how to make the most of probate real estate leads.

Does this method work for all markets?

Yes, probate works in all states and counties. Probate has been around since 1784 and was designed to help settle estates. It all started in Massachusetts and today each county has at least one probate judge and the processes have been streamlined.

What is probate real estate?

Probate real estate, or probate estate, is part of a process called probate. Probate affects 80% - 90% of Americans when they pass on when their assets are not protected by a fully vested living trust. The biggest asset in an estate is the real estate, the property they live in. When a decedent leaves real estate behind owned in their name, the heirs cannot sell the property without going through probate. Probate has been around for over 250 years and it is the legal procedure to assign someone known as an executor (where there is a will) or administrator (when there is no will) and allowing them to handle the settling of the estate itself. Quite often this means selling the property so that they can pay debts and distribute funds to heirs.

How do I get more probate real estate leads?

You can sign up for a 7-day trial with ProbateData and explore how simple it is to get pre-qualified leads directly to your inbox. We also let you search our online database and download cases from any of our counties.

Do I need to work with a probate attorney?

While working with an attorney can pay off in the long run, working with the personal representative (PR) whether they be an administrator or executor is the most direct and best approach if you’re looking for immediate results.

Do you offer investor funding?

No we do not currently offer funding. We offer leads and recommend investors visit places like to look up resources.