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Financial Planner

Imagine accessing thousands of heirs that need help investing and planning their inheritance. With probatedata.com you can do just that. Each case has an average of three heirs that need your help. With our leads you will know exactly what their situation looks like before you call on them, making you stand out as the expert.

General Contractor

Do you love fixer uppers? Have a hard time finding them in this market? Thanks to probatedata.com you now can access cases containing real estate that needs a little TLC before it goes on the market. Did you know the majority of probate real estate has 15-20 years of deferred maintenance? We will show you exactly how to help probate administrators and executors, people like yourself (not some red-taped government branch), that want to maximize their property value using your services.

Real Estate Agent/Investor

$15Trillion worth of estate settlements will run through the superior courts by 2018. 70% contain real estate. Where are you as all this is taking place in your own backyard? Thanks to probatedata.com you now have access to motivated sellers that control real estate with tons of equity. Position yourself for landslide profits by helping administrators and executors sell their real estate.

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Grab this FREE guide if you are brand new to probate and its inherent gems of opportunities. Probate processes and the trillions of dollars exchanged is a mystery to most and therefore completely untouched. In this quick start guide we will walk you through the process and help you identify opportunities for you to help people with your services. Get the guide that will help you add more revenues to your business this month.