ProbateData 2022-23 Update (we've added some features)

Jonathan Khorsandi on Dec 21, 2022 posted in ProbateData News & Updates

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A message from our co-founder Jonathan Khorsandi

How was your year?

It seems to be a loaded question these days, but it's an important question nonetheless. So I reflect upon 2022 and compare it to where we were last year and what transpired.

This time last year, I had a vision for a better platform for our subscribers, and as I write this blog, I can't even recall what existed a year ago.

What is ProbateData?

We did well. We had a good platform, subscribers were happy, and considering the options of going to the courthouse themselves or paying other providers 4x-10x the price of probate data, our clients were delighted.

I was not.

I was pissed.

I know technology. I know automation. I know processes.

ProbateData Charges less than $0.40 a Lead

When I saw our competitors charging $3+ per lead because they added a few line items, such as phone numbers, email addresses, DNC information, title details, etc., it ticked me off. Honestly, I thought we were undercharging because our clients were paying less than $0.40 per lead on average, and the market value was $3+ per lead. Were we missing out? Could we increase our pricing 7x and make a killing overnight? Or would that violate the principles upon which ProbateData was built?

The Original ProbateData

The answer became obvious: stick to your principles and lead the industry. It sounds a bit pompous to say "lead the industry," but the quiet facts no one has mentioned until now remain true: Since ProbateData started over 12 years ago, we have been emulated several times. Some even launched a whole new business on the back of our data. At one point, one of our competitors copied our sales model and website to such a degree that prospects could barely tell us apart if it wasn't for the difference in logo and phone numbers.

I digress…

In the early stages of our company, we wanted to follow the Costco business model: charge as little as possible and offer the most value.

Instead of increasing our prices to match our competitors, we wanted to lead our prospects and clients into a better, faster, cheaper direction with more value per lead than they’d expect.

  • We decided to offer instant access when our competitors offered queues to line up and wait for leads.

  • Where others would charge more for helpful information, we decided to help as best we could without increasing the pricing by 500%, even though we could.

  • They would add more manual labor and increase costs that clients would pay for investing high six figures to deliver automation and ease of on-demand use.

  • Where other providers prevent access to older cases with motivated sellers who need to sell sooner rather than later, we opened up our database of millions of contacts. With a few clicks, our clients can now identify executors and administrators that filed a while back but still need to sell the home. We call them historical prospecting leads.

As I mentioned before, I know technology, automation, and processes. Our team and I know our customers and listen carefully to their needs. We built something we are very proud of, and more importantly, we invested in our clients by creating a platform that does all the heavy lifting for them.

Here’s what I mean.

Probate Data 2022 23 Update added some features Infographic FINAL

ProbateData Partnership with CoreLogic

We partnered with CoreLogic to pull complete property and ownership details. This means we show you the same property value you or your broker would use to establish a BPO. This also means you have accurate information instantly. No need to cross-check with title companies. No need to send them lists of properties and wait for them to tell you who is on title etc.

Our partnership with CoreLogic also means we pull title ownership. If ownership matches the decedent's name, you have a high likelihood of them selling the property. If there is no match, you move on and save yourself the hassle of calling on leads that won't sell. You also keep your marketing dollars from flushing down the drain.

ProbateData Partnership with IDICore

We partnered with IDI, a leading data analytics company, to pull the decision makers' phone numbers and email addresses. This means you don't have to spend time or pay someone to look up phone numbers and email addresses. Instead, you can start prospecting immediately.

We query a federal list of do not call phone numbers to ensure you know which phone numbers on your leads are on the DNC list. You then decide how you want to move forward with. So think about this: no stress wondering if you'll get in trouble for calling on a prospect that might or might not be on a federal do not call list (DNC).

We update all properties in our database with essential market information: what's listed, sold, or still available. Imagine not having to check each property one at a time to see whether someone already listed the property or, worse yet, sold it. Again, if you see it listed or sold, there is no need to call or mail them. Next!

Lastly, we spend 6+ months and high six figures building out today's platform to make your life easier and increase your likelihood of success.


Because I was pissed that others took advantage of you and sold you inferior leads at unnecessarily high prices? No.

Because it's what's right.